Dale Woolridge's patches for mutt

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Current (maintained) patches

Old patches (not maintained)


2004-02-13: Update all appropriate patches for 1.4.2.

2004-02-02: Update all appropriate patches for 1.5.6.

2003-12-02: The 2003-11-27 release of the pgp-menu-traditional patch didn't include the correct menu prompt (much thanks to Todd for pointing this out). Please download the patch again if you grabbed the 2003-11-27 release.

2003-11-27: Update all appropriate patches for 1.5.5.

2003-10-31: Make pgp-menu-traditional patch available for FreeBSD mutt-devel port.

2003-05-30: Update the pgp-menu-traditional patches.

2003-04-05: Update the pgp-menu-traditional patches (for current mutt versions) to include a couple of new features/fixes.

2003-04-01: The pgp-menu-traditional patch is now available for 1.4.1.

2003-03-22: Oops. Todd actually recommended setting x-action (in 1.4) to match the values used by 1.5 for compatibility. The patch was updated accordingly.

2003-03-22: Todd recommended keeping x-action (in the pgp-traditional patch) for MUAs (like mutt) that use it.
Appropriate patch updated for pgp-traditional 1.4.1.

2003-03-20: Updated all appropriate patches for 1.5.4 and 1.4.1.

2003-03-15: Created a bundle patch to be used in place of the confirm-crypt-hook and multiple-crypt-hook patches, but is only required when you want both patches.

2003-02-12: Add the maildir-mtime patch.

2003-02-11: Add the pgp-menu-traditional patch.

2003-01-17: Split the pgp-hook patch into three logically separate patches, mostly so they're easier to maintain.