mutt patch: multiple-crypt-hook

multiple-crypt-hook allows multiple key-ids for the same pattern

With this patch, you can have multiple crypt-hook instances with the same pattern (recipient). This allows one to specify multiple key-ids for a particular pattern (recipient).

NOTE: If you plan on using the confirm-crypt-hook patch, then you should apply this one first, then apply that one and include the -l option to patch (to ignore whitespace). Alternatively, you can grab my patch (for versions 1.5.6, 1.5.5, and 1.5.4) which replaces both.


This patch is available for these mutt versions:
1.5.6; 1.5.5; 1.5.4; 1.5.3


2004-02-02: Patch updated for 1.5.6.

2003-11-27: Patch updated for 1.5.5.

2003-03-20: Patch updated for 1.5.4.

2003-03-15: Mads Laursen pointed out that the confirm-crypt-hook patch and the multiple-crypt-hook patches cannot both be applied in any order without patch reporting a rejection in pgp.c.
Use this patch instead of either of those; it's just a proper bundling of both patches.

2003-02-07: Mutt crashes without this updated patch, though it's fixed in the head revision. This isn't a bug in my patch, but it's a nice place to fix it.

2003-01-17: Patch created for 1.5.3.
Patch split from the pgp-hook patch for easier maintenance.