mutt patch: maildir-mtime

use newest entry's mtime for maildirs in the browser

When using the browser to change folders, I prefer to have maildirs show me the time of the newest entry (in the new/ directory) so I can sort reverse sort folders by date and get the newest ones listed first. This patch makes it possible. My own keystroke count (for mailboxes navigation) has gone down considerably with this patch.


This patch is available for these mutt versions:
1.5.6; 1.5.5; 1.5.4; 1.5.3


2004-02-02: Patch updated for 1.5.6.

2003-11-27: Patch updated for 1.5.5.

2003-03-20: Patch updated for 1.5.4.

2003-02-12: Patch created for 1.5.3.