mutt patch: crypt-autoselectkey

crypt-autoselectkey automatically selects a key when a list contains only one

This patch adds the variable crypt_autoselectkey (default no), which allows forcing mutt to autoselect a key when only (a trusted) one is available in the "PGP keys matching ..." menu.
It is often the case that a particular recipient (or key-id as selected via crypt-hook) results in a list of selectable keys with only one entry (not counting duplicates for uids). Setting crypt_autoselectkey will automatically select a key if only one matching (and trusted) key exists.


This patch is available for these mutt versions:
1.5.6; 1.5.5; 1.5.4; 1.5.3


2004-02-02: Patch updated for 1.5.6.

2003-11-27: Patch updated for 1.5.5.

2003-03-20: Patch updated for 1.5.4.

2003-01-17: Patch created for 1.5.3.
Patch split from the pgp-hook patch for easier maintenance.